Real Estate Work Flow

Real estate salespeople who are required to work for a designated broker, are called as real estate agents.

  1. Advise clients on mortgages, market conditions and pricing
  2. Advise sellers on how they can make their homes more attractive to buyers
  3. Compare properties to determine fair and competitive market prices
  4. Generate lists of appropriate properties for buyers based on their price range and needs
  5. Guide buyers and sellers through the transaction process
  6. Mediate negotiations between buyers and sellers
  7. Prepare and submit all required paperwork, including various contracts
  8. Present all purchase offers to sellers for consideration
  9. Stay current with real estate laws and trends

Department wise role and responsibility

  1. handling mail.
  2. updating tenant records.
  3. collecting rent payments.
  4. arranging building events.
  5. getting involved in financial planning activities.


  1. Buying checklist, also known as the real estate closing checklist, covers every step from purchase to closing and helps buyers and sellers to comply with contractual obligations. Usually, it covers all items including Purchase Contract, Counter offers, Request for repairs, disclosures and inspection reports.

Quality Checking and Possession process

Things to check before buying property

  1. Approval and Licences.
  2. List of Banks Financing.
  3. Verify the Builder.
  4. Size of apartment.
  5. Infrastructure Plan
  6. The Site
  7. Register Plot