What We Provide

  1. DIN for 1 Director
  2. Digital Signature For 1 Director
  3. Name approval
  4. MOA/AOA
  5. ROC registration Fees
  6. Company Pan Card

Requirements for OPC Company Registration

One person Company (OPC) is a perfect substitute for sole proprietorship business introduced in the year of 2013. OPC allows single person to form a company and start the business in India. However, under OPC, one cannot raise funding nor can issue ESOPs to hire top talents. Further, maximum turnover under this company cannot exceed Rs.2 Cr upon which the OPC is mandatory converted into Private Limited Company. The mandatory requirements are:

  1. One person and one nominee is required. Nominee is the person who takes control on death of sole founder.
  2. Whatever is the capital amount of your company, you should invest the same within 2 months of incorporation.
  3. Any person can form only one OPC as per Companies Act, further only individual can form a OPC.