Daily Productivity

  1. Delegate/automate tasks at hand.
  2. Simplify tools.
  3. Respond in the right medium/consider picking up the phone.

Labour Welfare

  1. services, facilities and amenities which may be established in or in the vicinity of undertakings to enable the persons employed in them to perform their work in healthy and peaceful surroundings and to avail of facilities which improve their health and high morale.

Quality Analysis

  1. analysis or evaluation of the quality of a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, product, or system which is produced.

Check List

  1. Decide on a Business Name
  2. Register Corporation’s Name.
  3. Create a Shareholder Agreement
  4. Issue Certificates to Your Initial Stockholders (if applicable).
  5. Obtain Business licenses and Permits
  6. Free Initial Legal Assessment

Corporate Time Bound and Work Flow Management

  1. define rules that trigger time-dependent actions, executing relative to any date or date/time field on the object as specified in a time trigger.